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The Yes! Unit is the online hub for helping women become leaders in their communities and beyond as Mary Kay Cosmetics consultants. Founded by record breaking consultant Kristin Rogers, this website is now beautifully designed to help soon-to-be consultant superstars learn how to get involved and get advice from successful consultants on how to debut their new business in a big way. This chic site also offers training events and contests to bring the consultant community to life like never before!

SURGE’S HAND in the Magic:

  • Update the site’s look to add more fun, better features and, of course, a fabulous and chic appearance for the sophisticated ladies out there.
  • Highlight the amazing tips, tricks and information both consultants and consultant hopefuls can use to kickstart their own booming businesses.
  • Integrate user-friendly WordPress software so The Yes! Unit team members could constantly connect their audience with the latest news and tips.
  • Crash through the glass ceiling with website plugins (WP-Filebase) so The Yes Unit may continue to add to their extensive library of organized files without limitation.


An empowering website with the beauty of ease and style on every page.

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