Recovery Weekends
The process

A Step in the Right Direction

Recovery Weekends is a keep-it-real organization truly invested in helping others take a step forward into the endless possibilities of life after addiction. This organization, a branch of I Am Somebody™, hosts weekend events geared toward creating a community of recovering addicts who have the activities they want without the temptations they do not need. This site needed to find ways to reach their audience where they already were while staying true to it down-to-earth personality.

SURGE’S HAND in the Magic:

  • First and foremost, create an online base for recovering addicts to learn about upcoming events and parties through a contemporary splash page that would have the community buzzing.
  • Design a logo that captures the fun-loving spirit of these inspiring individuals which could be used in advertisements, on social media sites, on clothing and so much more.
  • Create connections through logo and image design specifically tailored for the fast-moving Facebook social media platform.


A design with an edge that makes connecting easier than ever before.

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