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Fishing is referred to a sport, sometimes a hobby, and even a way of life. For Pesca Loca, fishing is the meaning of life. This site brings a modern way of planning the fishing day to Panamanian fishermen with the click of a mouse. With trusted fishing resources, moon phase updates, marine forecasts and more, serious fisherman connect through Pesca Loca to find the latest news and updates about Panama’s best fishing havens. This site needed to offer a wide variety of features while communicating to the audience as quickly as possible because, after all, the early fisherman get the bass!

SURGE’S HAND in the Magic:

  • Bring a fun logo to life to help Pesca Loca masterminds express themselves and their brand EVERYWHERE the tide may take them.
  • Give life to the forums so fishermen can share first-hand reports of what’s happening on the water as we speak (and big fish stories, of course).
  • Setup dynamic widgets so site makers can utilize time-saving and no hassle features and get back out on the water.
  • Imagine and develop flyers and web banner ads to put Pesca Loca’s site on the radar.


An online haven designed to snag Panama’s serious fishing crowd.

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