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Young addicts in recovery face a variety of challenges after they take the first step toward an addiction-free lifestyle. In order to truly leave the past and move on, Super Bowl champion Lincoln C. Coleman Jr. founded I Am Somebody™ to bring young recovering addicts together in drug and alcohol-free environments designed to build a strong community pegged for reaching success. This organization has an empowering message to get across and it needed a logo that could share that mission without taking away from this message on many levels.

SURGE’S HAND in the Magic:

  • Not to create a logo but to expresses an inward beacon Lincoln feels represents more than addiction– he needed a logo that represented the endless possibilities of life after addiction.
  • Represent two powerful ideas at once: Each person is their own, unique individual and that they too can break free from the grasp of addiction in order to reach their full potentials.
  • Capture the attention of an audience with a lot on their minds to help this non-profit reach recovering addicts, connect with them, and hopefully aid them in maintaining a fulfilling and addiction-free lifestyle.


An empowering logo which could speak to the audience in more ways than one.

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