Georgia Gas Rates
The process

Naturally Efficient.

Georgia Gas Rates helps residents of the peach state compare natural gas rates for their homes and businesses in an effort to increase consumers’ abilities to choose the best source of American-made gas while enjoying the increased efficiency no-down-time gas power creates for their busy lives. This site needed to be efficient and easy to maneuver for the busy demographic looking to save money, time and headaches.

SURGE’S HAND in the Magic:

  • Create a site that demonstrates ease of use and the high-quality and trustworthy information this company is dedicated to providing.
  • Make the site more user-friendly for employees so that time-sensitive information can be updated at the speed of light (well not quite) so residents are always up to speed on current gas rates.
  • Increase the company’s ability to hear from and communicate with potential customers through additional lead capture opportunities so it can never miss a beat in fulfilling its mission.


An efficient site exploding with quick-find features to be utilized by employees and Georgians alike.

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