SURGE Site Designs is not your average design company – and we’re proud of it!
We are not afraid to say that we want to be the best. After all, doesn’t everyone? The difference between us and the other guys is that being the best doesn’t mean awards or recognition. It means producing effective and visually stunning work that increases your company’s ability to ascend upward in the business world. We are a high-end design company dedicated to proving this to you in every detail of your project and we are not content until you are left speechless.

Founded by a Self-Proclaimed Genius

SURGE Site Designs was founded by the sharp-dressing BBQ lover known as Eric Johnson in order to give companies a new kind of design agency. He dreamt of an agency without limitations; one that could take a company’s most important design goals to the next level.

The Masterminds

Ever attended an event that no one ever seemed to forget? Well, during the past five years, this has been Jon Hout’s life. Creating customer experiences your audience can’t stop talking about is exactly what makes Jon a creative genius around here. With more than 13 years of sales and marketing experience, he has Superman’s x-ray vision to see intrinsic details of the creative process which helps him develop effective and stunning pieces in the end. When he is not saving the marketing world, he puts his cape away at his family home in Atlanta, Ga.

Some people can’t help but bring the heat; this is Mat Houchens’ curse. He has spent seven years working in the marketing industry with a focus on the latest social media developments that place clients ahead of the curve. He also has an eye for spiffy direct mail advertisements and the keen art of web development. This self-confessed workaholic hailing from Gainesville, Fla. is also a family man whose 4-year-old daughter is already becoming an expert in user interface design. Don’t worry, we’re only kidding (kind of).

Once a hotshot communications director at a large mixed martial arts company, Justin Bishop has since hung up his gloves to put his promotional and social media communication combat skills (more than 11 years in the making) to work making SURGE Site Design’s projects knockout the competition’s. He’s also the co-founder of various sites from a slew of industries which can give you confidence that your design projects are in highly-skilled and experienced hands. Like Mat, he calls sunny Gainesville, Fla. home.

We’ve Been Around the Block

Rest assured that this team has more than 40 years of campaign design, social media marketing, Internet marketing, SEO, and sales experience. And, this is just the beginning. Our team is ever-growing in order to produce the perfect mix of skills to provide you with the most enjoyable experience and effectively AWEsome design masterpiece in the end. All you need to know is that we have what you need to make your company UNFORGETTABLE.

Meet & Greet

It’s like a first date minus the wine and expectations. We discuss your company’s needs and wildest dreams. Don’t worry– we’ve been doing this for a while so we know which questions to ask.

Design Our Hearts Out

The craftsmen take what you’ve shared and turn your dreams into reality. Color, design, usability, and even copy; you’ll get at least two jaw-dropping options to mull over.

Chat & Tweak

We’ll review which designs you love and which designs you hate then tweak them to your liking and talk about the amazingness that’s about to happen!

Build & Polish

We go back to the lab and rework the product to perfection. Then, our developers write the crazy language that makes your dreams a working, breathing work of art.

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